Scenic Overlook Sunrise

Our series of Colorado’s most incredible experiences continues! When residents think of an unforgettable trip, they normally make out-of-state or country plans. But you can see some of the world’s most impressive places within hours from home!


1) Visit four states at once!

The Four Corners Monument in the Navajo Nations Park is where Colorado meets Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. People have fun stretching out across the spot so their limbs are in four places. A land rich in Native American history, you will also learn about the Navajo Nation, Hopi Tribe, and Zuni Pueblo.


2) Stand in the headwaters of the Colorado river.

The waters which carve out the Grand Canyon in Arizona begins in our mountains! At Grand Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, you can travel the Colorado River Headwaters Scenic Byway. It is a quintessential, back country drive including mountainous valleys, canyons, lakes, historical ranches and high-country towns.


3) Watch water flow to both oceans.

While in Grand Lake, you also need to knock out the Continental Divide Trail. You can hike or drive along America’s ridge, where rain to the east flows into the Atlantic and on the west side into the Pacific ocean. It can take you into Colorado’s high altitude tundra.


4) Spend a sunset on Telluride’s gondola.

To better marvel at our state’s natural wonders, Coloradans have built some pretty incredible structures. The gondola in Telluride rises over 10,500 feet to its famous ski slopes. You can only imagine at dusk as the gondola glides you back to town, how breathtaking the views must be!


5) Drive America’s longest street.

Did you know Denver’s Colfax Avenue is 26 miles? When road trips were a novel adventure, it was the way America headed west. Colfax has endured a number of transformations over the decades: a vibrant hub for tourists, a seedy spot residents avoided and now a revitalized home for young, urban dwellers. Travel along the road on a weekend night, you’ll take in the city’s diverse culture.

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