For over a year, my wife and I longed to buy our first home. We prepared ourselves for a roller coaster of emotions because of the numerous horror stories we had heard about the home buying experience-especially for first timers. However, thanks entirely to Anne, the process of buying a home for the first time could not have gone any smoother. Anne was remarkably hands on and answered every single question that came across our minds. The best part about Anne: she is 100% on the side of the home buyer. My wife and I went to go look at a house with Anne, and even though it was beautiful (and at the top of our budget) Anne immediately informed us that she would not allow us to buy the house. The reason? Smoky Hill road was 5 feet away from the backyard and Anne knew that would greatly effect the resale value. Anne is the coolest, sweetest, most considerate agent we ever could have asked for. In fact, as a gift, Anne offered to pay our home warranty for one year! My wife and I were completely blown away by how great Anne is and feel truly blessed that we were able to work with her. She is everything you could want in an agent AND SO MUCH MORE!! We LOVE Anne! ~ Mario & Lauren, Aurora