Real Estate Brokerage

A team of professionals with a distinctive style and unique approach to our real estate brokerage.

Our foundation is built upon honesty, trust, compassion, integrity, and collaboration. We have a passion to serve people.

The Barrington Group Real Estate company was established in 2008 with the vision to deliver a more authentic method to the real estate process. We offer the Red Bow Experience, which nurtures a team of experts to collaborate and assist in building a real estate brokerage based on authenticity. We strive to be relatable, have empathy, and most of all, stand by one another and always be willing to lend a helping hand.

“Another extremely important trait I look for… someone who takes their real estate business very seriously, but someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Sometimes you just have to be able to laugh. This business can beat you up at times, and if we cannot have fun, then we shouldn’t be here.” ~ Anne Barrington

Let us help you find your home.

Home ownership creates a foundation in a person’s life and plays a vital role in helping to build strong stable communities.

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