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As top real estate agents, we tell our clients the truth, based upon tangible facts and experience… even if they don’t want to hear it.

We are your professional guide from start to finish. Top real estate agents know what makes a good Realtor, and we build long-lasting relationships.

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At the Barrington Group Real Estate company, we anticipate obstacles, so when circumstances change, we challenge ourselves to face facts, pivot, when necessary, avoid distractions and politely move towards the finish line. We step into the shoes of our clients, aiming to understand their feelings and perspectives, and we use this understanding to guide our actions.

“We are a group of artisan agents that take the real estate process seriously while still having fun.” – Anne Barrington

Offering a depth of knowledge and a passion to serve, we know how to get your house ready to sell, and how to help you find and buy your first home, your forever home, and/or your dream home.

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I had the privilege to list and sell multiple luxury ($1M+) properties. Listing these types of properties requires more patience, a higher level of service, and being extremely knowledgeable about the community standards, amenities, features and the “details.” The details matter in the luxury market. Both Sellers of these properties trusted in me to effectively market and to provide professional representation which included myself, or another agent from the real estate brokerage being present for all showings. I personally was present for all but three of the 50 plus showings. By the time these properties closed, I knew the homes from top to bottom, maybe even as well as the Sellers. At the Barrington Group, we promise to be experts on your behalf, because every client, home, and detail matters.
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