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We Are the Champions: What Makes a Good Realtor

You know every word to this Queen song… I know you do! We are the champions, my friends; we’ll keep on fighting till the end. This sounds exactly like the kind of Real Estate Agent you want to walk you through the challenge of buying and selling! You really need someone who can seamlessly sell your current house, while simultaneously purchasing your new dream home. How do you know that you hired a champion Real Estate Company? Perhaps you heard about her through friends who had a great experience, and now you need to know what you can and should expect from her, too!
There are a lot of different ways to define success. At the Barrington Group Real Estate we simply define success as a desired outcome. This is also what it takes for the Barrington Group Real Estate to FEEL SUCCESSFUL… your success is our success. Let’s face it, buying and selling a home is stressful. We are here to take the stress away by finding solutions to every challenge as it arises and believe me when I say…there WILL be challenges. This is where we dig our heals in and fight for our clients. We will ALWAYS go above, and beyond and get you to the closing table, no matter what it takes.

The traits that make a good Realtor

So, what does this mean for you and your expectations? It means you can expect Barrington Group Real Estate to do what we say we will, when we say we will and how we said we were go-ing to do it! We are conscientious, detail-oriented, on top of deadlines and timelines and extremely organized; And we do all of this while staying on top of the ever-changing trends in your market.
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A few other indications the Barrington Group Real Estate is the Real Estate company or great agency for you?
  1. Our knowledge goes above and beyond your neighborhoods. We know our industry…and the real estate process like no one’s business!
  2. Our expertise with accounting, communications and marketing, get you to the finish line.
  3. Did I hear social media? Yes, it is here to stay. We use our social platforms to YOUR ad-vantage…we LOVE IG Reels and Stories, photos, videos and most of all our relationships and connections, like those in the Parker Downtown Business Alliance (The DBA.)
  4. I am the Owner and Employing Broker of The Barrington Group Real Estate, and also extremely active in the Parker Community. I am an Elected Official and serve on Parker Town Council. I keep my finger on the pulse of everything happening in our Parker community. Bottom line, the network I have is expansive.
  5. Every agent at Barrington Group Real Estate is goal-driven and hold themselves accountable. This is not just for our own financial benefit, but because we are committed to making the pro-cess as smooth as possible for our clients, fellow Agents and other industry professionals.

When committing to a Top Real Estate Agent or Group, you are starting a short-term, but intense relationship. Choose wisely. When you commit to The Barrington Group Real Estate, you can count on us to get the job done, no matter what it takes. We keep YOU on task and organized. We keep OUR mindset focused on getting you to the closing table. When we encounter roadblocks, we don’t get off track; As your Realtor we go under, over, around… or remove the obstacles altogether. We stay focused on solutions, with our resources at the ready. No matter what stumbling blocks appear, as your Realtor we take care of them. You should be looking for someone who is a champion, just like the Barrington Group Real Estate. (and btw…this is no short-term relationship…you become our friends and clients for life 😉)

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