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Why Parker? Three Local Business Leaders Share Their Stories

Three local business owners in Parker, Colorado gather with Anne Barrington of Barrington Group Real Estate and Town Council Member. Let’s hear why they chose Parker, Colorado as the place to live, raise families, and open local businesses.

Local Parker, Colorado Business Owners

Susan Bertocchi - Kilwins Parker

Now long-term Parker resident having relocated from Queens, New York with her husband Mike, Susan started in the medical industry and now owns and operates her third small business.
Kilwins’ Parker is located just across the street from the O’Brien Park gazebo in Downtown Parker after waiting for three years for the perfect spot.
Promising to serve you with love, Kilwins provides the very best confections and ice cream. Featuring an open kitchen, you get to see the variety of chocolate, corns, brittles, and caramel treats that are made fresh daily.

Dawn Danner of Nest Salon and Boutique

Having lived in and loved Parker since 2006, Dawn coveted the spot where she founded Nest Salon and Boutique on Mainstreet in Downtown Parker.
Dawn has been in nail tech industry for over 25 years and enjoys employing her snarky sense of humor when curating the boutique products that walk that fine line between appropriate and “did she just really say that?”
As a store for people with personality, Dawn found refuge in humor and her business when processing grief in the loss of a loved one. Everyone needs to laugh in life and find joy in the little things.

Josh Rivero of Fika Coffee House

Long-time Parker resident, Josh came to the coffee industry by way of the restaurant and bar business. Having returned to Parker from Stockholm, Sweden where is wife Anna is from, they looked to start a family and local business.
Fika Coffee House opened in 2008 and is located on Mainstreet in the heart of Downtown Parker, which brings the Swedish custom of “fika” to the Centennial State. Fika is a Swedish verb that loosely translates “to meet over coffee.”
Josh is a proud Parker Town Council Member and has served the community in this capacity since 2012.
You can find my weekly Parker is My Town episodes on my YouTube Channel or on my real estate blog.

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