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Will Home Prices Fall in 2022?

During the Tom Ferry Real Estate Convention in Dallas, Anne Barrington wanted to share come important updates on home values during the fall of 2022.
A lot of people are worried about home prices right now and if they might fall because so many remember what happened to the real estate market during the recession of 2008. Fortunately, this isn’t the same situation.
The expert forecasts from seven industry leaders show an average increase in home value of 10.3% nationwide, with Fannie Mae estimating 16% appreciation on the high-end and MBA showing 2.7% on the low-end. While this isn’t a 15% increase that the real estate industry saw in 2021, it certainly isn’t a decline.
Most importantly, none of the expert forecasts on home price anticipate a decline. If you are wondering if home prices are going to fall by the end of 2022, here is your answer. Experts are confident that home prices are going to continue to climb, just at a more moderate pace than last year.
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