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Is it a Seller’s Market right now?

If you are looking at selling your house while shopping for a new home, you have a couple key advantages right now in the seller’s market today.

Advantage for Buyers in Current Seller’s Market

There are more homes for sale in the housing market right now than there were previously at this time last year. This means that home buyers have more options to choose from. Additionally, this also means that buyers are more likely to find what they are looking for when home shopping versus last year, where 80% of buyers said that they had to settle according to LendingTree.

Advantage for Sellers in Current Seller’s Market

While the housing inventory is increasing, it is still 43.2% lower than 2017-2019 according to, so if you price your house right, then it’s going to be in high demand. There aren’t enough homes on the market today for the number of buyers who want to purchase them, which means your house could sell very quickly and sellers need to be prepared for that.
With more homes to choose from but still an overall shortage of real estate listings, you may be in a true sweet spot this season.

Seller’s Market Sweet Spot

  • With less competition, the market sees higher prices and quicker sales
  • Sellers have more negotiating power, where you’ll need to make less concessions
  • Frequently older homes means premium location and larger lots which leads to more demand and generally higher sale prices
If you’re ready to make a move, then we at the Barrington Group Real Estate can give you expert guidance (we know what makes a good Realtor). Let’s connect so that you don’t miss out on what today’s housing market has to offer.
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