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Local Parker Business Leaders on My Mainstreet Project

Today we continue with part two of Parker is My Town podcast with three local Parker, Colorado business leaders (see Why Parker? Three Local Business Leaders Share Their Stories) to get their thoughts on the My Mainstreet Project. With how important this project is for Parker, gaining insight into how this development is viewed by local leaders is paramount to success.

Local Parker, Colorado Business Owners

Josh Rivero on My Mainstreet Project

Josh Rivero is the owner of Fika Coffee House and is long-time Parker Town Council member. While his belief in the project started before he founded his local business, the dream of a more integrated and thriving Downtown Parker began decades ago with the Downtown Development Council and was started by the local land owners.
As a local business owner, he is excited by the development and what that means for Parker. Currently as the only coffee shop in downtown, he benefits from a monopoly but understands that as the project culminates that competition will come. While competition will breed better business and growth, he is focused on how the project will benefit Parker as a whole and that Parker takes care of its own. Downtown Parker businesses work together with a community mentality, rather different from just a bunch of businesses in a branded strip mall.
Where the sum can be greater than its parts, Parker is striving to be the destination and excite its citizens and greater community to shop and be local.
My Mainstreet Project is about Parker and what’s best for the people, close to home, and their downtown.

Dawn Danner on My Mainstreet Project

Being a new business on Mainstreet, Dawn Danner, the owner of The Nest Salon and Boutique, had the unique opportunity to talk with the community about the My Mainstreet Project where people didn’t see her as having a stance on the project. Much of the community wants to keep Parker a small town and Dawn believes that no one wants to lose that feature.
Just spending a few minutes on Mainstreet, one can understand how magical it is. When opening up The Nest, Dawn experienced the generosity and willingness to help that the other business owners maintain for one another. Parker is a big little town, and no one is going to let that magic go. While there will be bumps along the way and growing pains, My Mainstreet Project is going to make things more magical.

Susan Bertocchi on My Mainstreet Project

As the owner of Kilwins Parker, Susan knows that competition is coming. To maintain the culture of the business owners in Downtown Parker, Susan is ready to welcome them because that is the type of people we are in Parker. Even before fully opening Kilwins Parker, Susan felt very welcomed and was asked to join the Downtown Business Alliance. That camaraderie is something she is ready to share.
Susan doesn’t see challenges in filling the new open spaces and opportunities that the My Mainstreet Project presents with more small businesses. This project provides the chance for owners to make that dream happen of opening their business on Mainstreet in Downtown Parker.
While construction will be challenging, Susan hopes to welcome more people to the community of business owners in Downtown Parker.

Anne Barrington’s Final Thoughts

Anne is very excited about the project and the opportunities it presents. Since Downtown Parker has zero vacancies, the development provides the opportunity to achieve business ownership on Mainstreet in Parker.
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