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Selling Your House in a Slower Real Estate Market

If you are hesitant to sell your house because you heard the real market has slowed over the past year, then here is what you need to know. You haven’t missed your window to sell your house, but you may need to think about things a little bit differently.

Here is what sellers need to consider in today’s slower real estate market:

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  • Be willing to negotiate
  • Price your home at market value
  • Think about your first impression on buyers

Be willing to negotiate when selling your house.

At the peak of the pandemic, sellers held all of the leverage, but today’s buyers have more options. Sellers may see more buyers requesting an inspection, repairs, or help with closing costs. Hire a realtor (see Can I sell my house without a Realtor?) to help you navigate those conversations so that you still feel like making a move is a win for you.

Price your home at market value.

Today’s higher mortgage rates (see What Happens to Mortgage Interest Rates during a Recession) means buyers are more cautious with their budgets. If you want to attract potential buyers, then set the ideal price for your home.

Think about your first impression on buyers.

In other words, make your home attractive. A seasoned professional in the real estate industry can give you insight into updates and staging to help you stand out against the rest of the real estate market.
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